Eminent Note Type

6/18/2022 edit: this note type is no longer being maintained, and you should probably use Eminent Note Type V2 instead.

A note type for learning Japanese with Anki


dark mode demo

light mode demo


How To Use

Once you've used the download link at the top of this page, it should have imported a deck (with 1 card) into Anki. You can immediately delete this deck if you want, but sharing decks is currently the only way to share note types. Now you should have a note type called EminentV1 (or V2, 3, etc., I can't see the future).

Now all you have to do is add new cards, or convert existing cards to this note type.

Explanation of Fields


This is the target word you're trying to learn. Assuming you're learning an i+1 sentence, there should be exactly 1 unknown word, and that word should go in this field. The word in this field will be highlighted within the sentence.

It's totally fine to leave this field blank, but the highlighting functionality won't work if you do.

Note: if you want the highlighting functionality to work properly, the word in this field must exactly match the form the word is in in the sentence.

For example, if the word field contains the dictionary form of the word, but the sentence contains the te-form of the word, it won't highlight.


This is for any pitch accent info you might use on your cards. If you're curious, I use https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/932119536. This field is added to the very bottom of the card.


The definition of word


The Japanese sentence


The native-language meaning of sentence. This field is optional.


Audio that corresponds to word


Audio that corresponds to sentence


A picture


Optional field to sort by in the browser.


Optional field for use with Morphman


Optional field for use with Morphman