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About Me

Hi, I'm Cade!

I'm a software engineer currently working for the state of Missouri. I graduated from Oregon Tech in 2020.

I'm currently most interested in front end development, with a focus on performance and accessibility. I'm still learning every day, and this site is largely a sandbox for me to experiment and try new things. That said, expect this site to not work on many browsers, and just be completely broken in some places while I fiddle with things.

I have an extremely wide range of interests, some of which I plan on writing about here. I apologize for any lack of cohesion.

About This Site

This site was built with 11ty, HTML, CSS, vanilla JS, Markdown, and Nunjucks.

This site uses no front-end Javascript.

You can find all of the code for this site on Github. You can find the code for the published version of the site also on Github.