Kanji Hover

Updated 7/10/2022

A kanji script for Anki





How To Use

Download _kanjiHover.js and add it to your collection.media folder. Add the following line to your note:

<script src="_kanjiHover.js"></script>

Note: By default, Kanji Hover will not automatically scan your entire card. Instead, it is only active inside <div id="kanjiHover">. If you would like it to encompass the entire card, wrap the entire card in that div like so:

card template

Changing The Appearance

The css for the popup can be changed in two ways:

  1. Edit the script itself, at the bottom there is a big block of css that you can edit.
  2. Using Anki’s Styling area. The area you point at is .kanjiTooltip, the popup is .kanjiTooltipText, and the red text is .hoverText.

Compatibility & Issues

This script may have issues with other addons or scripts that modify the html of your cards. In those cases there’s not a whole lot I can do to prevent it. Other than that, if you find anything, either make an issue or message me on Discord.


This project uses the API provided by kanjiapi.dev.